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User Experience

Create a simple and consistent experience for your users

Prepare customer support materials

As you prepare to launch your integration with, it is important to consider how your agency will support new users. Here are some suggestions to consider:

  • Announce the upcoming change on your site and include a time frame rather than exact date.
  • Link to the Create an account page at so users can read more about creating an account.
  • Include contact information for your help desk or a link to the help center ( on a dedicated help page.
  • Be sure to communicate the go-live date with the customer support center so agents are prepared for a spike in new account creation support cases.

Some partners have created knowledge base articles that they post on their website, send to users directly by the agency’s customer support team, or forward to the customer support team. These can be especially helpful if your integration includes any additional authentication steps on your agency’s side. Here are some topics for knowledge articles:

  • A brief step-by-step guide to the authentication process and the identity verification (IdV) if your agency supports IdV.
  • Short description of each requirement in the authentication process, e.g., multi-factor authentication or using a unique email.
  • Which support topics should the user contact your agency for help with vs.
  • If existing users will need to create a new account or if they will be able to link their agency account to the account.

The customer support team can assist users with account creation questions, but they cannot support any agency-specific issues. It is important that users are able to find correct and timely help. Consider including a few support examples along with the link to the help center (

For example:

Contact to:

  • Help you create a account
  • Share information about authentication options
  • Help you troubleshoot why you are unable to access your account
  • Provide instructions to reset your password or delete your account cannot reset your password, delete your account, or change your account information.

Contact the agency partner to:

  • Perform agency specific tasks, like uploading your resume, completing applications or scheduling an appointment with that agency
  • Resolve technical issues with a partner agency website
  • Access your personal agency specific information such as application status, services, eligibility or payments

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