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Identity Verification: Create a Failure to Proof URL

Applications with identity verification need to provide an alternative proofing path to support users who are unable to complete’s process.

What is a Failure to Proof URL?’s agency partners provide a link that their users are directed to if they are unable to verify their identity with This is called the Failure to Proof URL (e.g. failure_to_proof_url). This link routes users to a designated page on the agency partner’s site which is configured as part of the agency’s integration.

The Failure to Proof URL is shown to users throughout the identity proofing process. Some examples of when a user might encounter this are:

  • Users might navigate to this page if they don’t have a valid state-issued ID or Social Security number.
  • The Failure to Proof URL is available for users who are not able to capture or upload photos of their ID.
  • Users see the Failure to Proof URL when they encounter errors verifying their ID, personal information, or phone number. Examples of this include:
    • Users who enter valid information, but are not able to pass’s proofing process because we cannot verify their information.
    • Users who have run out of attempts to verify their information.

Where should the Failure to Proof URL take users?

The purpose of the Failure to Proof URL is to provide an actionable next step for users who do not have the required information to complete remote identity verification or otherwise cannot pass the process through The agency’s designated destination page should include instructions for users on what to do to access the agency partner’s services.

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