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This documentation is intended for federal agency developers interested in integrating their applications with is an identity provider that supports both the SAML (adhering to the Web Browser SSO Profile) and OpenID Connect (conforming to the iGov WG Profile), with enhancements for NIST 800-63-3. This documentation uses standard identity provider terminology, where the Identity Provider (IdP) is the service that stores the user’s actual credentials, in this case; the Service Provider (SP) refers to your application, which will ask the IdP for authentication information when a user tries to log in.

Integration checklist

  • Determine prerequisites
    Decide the Levels of Assurance (LOA) your application needs to support ( supports LOA 1 and 3) and the user attributes your application requires.

  • Build and configure your application
    Choose a protocol and develop your application.
  • Register and test application
    Register your application so that we can authorize it.

Additional resources