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User Experience

Create a simple and consistent experience for your users

Determine your application’s return to service provider URL

When a user does not authenticate successfully, they should be returned to the service provider application to restart the authentication process. It is important that the user returns to a familiar site and that they have a clear path back to the authentication workflow.

Depending on the type of integration (OIDC or SAML) you will need to set the redirect_uri or the return_to_sp_url.

OIDC Redirect URI:

Your integration should include a redirect URI for successful authentication attempts and canceled authentication attempts. Ideally, the user will be returned to the app site or the form and can restart the authentication process. The URIs can be public, internal, or localhost, or a custom scheme to support native applications, for example:

SAML Return to SP URL:

This URL will be used if a user chooses to cancel out of the authentication workflow or return to the app site. For example, users would be returned to:

Next step: For Identity Verification permitted applications, determine your application’s failure to proof URL

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