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OpenID Connect

OpenID Connect (OIDC) is a simple identity layer built on top of the OAuth 2.0 protocol. supports version 1.0 of the specification and conforms to the iGov Profile.

User info

The user info endpoint is used to retrieve user attributes. Clients use the access_token from the token response as a bearer token in the HTTP Authorization header. To request attributes, send an HTTP GET request to the /api/openid_connect/userinfo endpoint. View an example request and response in the side panel.

User info response

The user info response will be a JSON object containing user attributes. supports some of the standard claims from OIDC 1.0. In addition to the user attributes, the following information will also be present:

iss (string)

The issuer of the response, which will be the URL of the IdP, for example:

email_verified (boolean)

Whether the email has been verified. Currently, only supports verified emails.
  • Requires email scope

phone_verified (boolean)

Whether the phone number has been verified. Currently, only supports verified phones.
  • Requires the phone scope and an identity verified account

verified_at (number, null)

When the user's identity was last verified, as an integer timestamp representing the number of seconds since the Unix Epoch, or null if the account has never been verified.
  • Requires the profile:verified_at scope
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Authorization: Bearer hhJES3wcgjI55jzjBvZpNQ
Next step: Certificates
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